Too Early for a Question Question

Friday December 13th

QUESTION: Almost everyone does this on vacation, but not when at home.

ANSWER: Eat dessert

Thursday December 12th

QUESTION: Almost half of this food gets consumed between November and January.


Wednesday December 11th

QUESTION: 20% of people manage to avoid doing THIS during the holidays.

ANSWER: Gain weight.

Tuesday December 10th

QUESTION: 20% of us will get THIS this year for Christmas.

ANSWER: A Christmas CASH bonus from work.

Monday December 9th

QUESTION: Just over a 1/4 of us will consume this over the holidays-what is it?

ANSWER: Eggnog.

Friday December 6th

QUESTION: On average, we get 4 of these a week-what are they?

ANSWER: Face to face compliments.

Thursday December 5th

QUESTION: According to a new study this food is as addictive as drugs-what is it?

ANSWER: Cheese.

Wednesday December 4th

QUESTION: On average every household spends $1500 a year on this-what is it?

ANSWER: Wasted or expired food.

Tuesday December 3rd

QUESTION: The average woman will buy over 200 of these, over the course of her life-what are they?

ANSWER: Candles

Monday December 2nd

QUESTION: Just under 1/4 of people have had this happen to them at either Thanksgiving or Christmas.

ANSWER: Food Poisoning

Friday November 29th

QUESTION: 1/4 women don’t do this during the winter months.

ANSWER: Paint their toenails

Thursday November 28th

QUESTION: The average woman does this for 2 minutes more than the average man a day.

ANSWER: Showering.

Wednesday November 27th

QUESTION: Almost 3/4 of people buy gifts for people in their lives with THIS in mind.

ANSWER: Themselves.

Tuesday November 26th

QUESTION: When it comes to romance; almost ALL women do this but only 1/3 of men do it.

ANSWER: Kissing with their eyes closed.

Monday November 25th

QUESTION: If you’re average, you’ve probably been to 3 of these a year.

ANSWER: Weddings.

Friday November 22nd

QUESTION: Almost a quarter of people have done this home improvement before having family and friends over for the holidays.

ANSWER: Painting

Thursday November 21st

QUESTION: The average office worker does this 55 times a week.


Wednesday November 20th

QUESTION: For a healthy mind and body, do THIS for over an hour every day.

ANSWER: Listen to music

Tuesday November 19th

QUESTION: More than ¾ of people say this food gives them comfort.

ANSWER: Mac & Cheese

Monday November 18th

QUESTION: Having one of THESE will make your relationship stronger.

ANSWER: A dog.

Friday November 15th

QUESTION: There are 2/3 less people doing this than they were in the 1960s

ANSWER: Smoking.

Thursday November 14th

QUESTION: 20% of North American couples admit they regret doing this.

ANSWER: Combining finances.

Wednesday November 13th

QUESTION: The number one thing employees enjoy getting from their employer is a compliment. THIS is #2.

ANSWER: Free Food.

Tuesday November 12th

QUESTION: Experts say doing this early will make you happier.

ANSWER: Decorating for Christmas.

Friday November 8th

QUESTION: Over 1/2 of women do not trust their man to do this.

ANSWER: Fix their car.

Thursday November 7th

QUESTION: More than 1/3 of people will never experience THIS.

ANSWER: Wisdom Teeth.

Wednesday November 6th

QUESTION: 25% of us are actually relieved when this happens.

ANSWER: When plans get cancelled.

Tuesday November 5th

QUESTION: 5% of people did THIS with that extra hour of “time” they got over the weekend

ANSWER: Exercising.

Monday November 4th

QUESTION: People will love a gift more if it’s THIS.

ANSWER: Wrapped Poorly.

Friday November 1st

QUESTION: New research says doing this makes you happier and healthier

ANSWER: Running Late

Thursday October 31st

QUESTION: 90% of women’s costumes are THIS


Wednesday October 30th

QUESTION: If you do this outdoor activity for 90 minutes you will burn over 400 calories

ANSWER: Raking and bagging leaves

Tuesday October 29th

QUESTION: Almost a quarter of pet owners have done this to their pets

ANSWER: Put them on a diet

Monday October 28th

QUESTION:  Over 1/2 of adults are still scared because of THIS happening to them when we were kids.   

ANSWER: Seeing a scary movie.

Friday October 25th

QUESTION:  A recent survey says 70% of people will not date or marry someone if they find them to be THIS.

ANSWER: Messy.

Thursday October 24th

QUESTION: North Americans spend more than half a billion on this in October.

ANSWER: Costumes for their pets.

Wednesday October 23rd

QUESTION: Almost half of us say it is not ok to do this on a commercial airline-what is it?

ANSWER: Reclining your seat.

Tuesday October 22nd

QUESTION: Statistically, this improves your chances of getting a promotion at work. What is it?

ANSWER: Smiling.

Monday October 21st

QUESTION: 1/3 of parents will do THIS at Halloween.

ANSWER: Eat more candy than the kids.

Thursday October 17th

QUESTION: The Average Woman Will Do THIS 3 Times A Year At Home, And The Average Male Once Per Year.

ANSWER: Wear their PJs all day

Wednesday October 16th

QUESTION: Almost ¾ of people say this dangerous and annoying thing will happen to them while driving today

ANSWER: Tailgating

Tuesday October 15th

QUESTION: Tuesdays are the most likely day for us to do this?

ANSWER: Be late for work

Friday October 11th

QUESTION: If you are average, you will eat 33 of these in a year.

ANSWER: Donuts

Wednesday October 9th & Thursday October 10th

No Too Early Question as we were doing the Yards For Hope Radiothon.

Tuesday October 8th

QUESTION: If a woman finds a man attractive, she is 60% more likely to do THIS on a first date. What is THIS?

ANSWER: Wear high heels

Monday October 7th

QUESTION: At any given moment, almost 1/3 of us think we SHOULD be doing this, but we keep putting it off.

ANSWER: Get a haircut.

Friday October 4th

QUESTION: The average woman will try this on average 6 times in her lifetime.

ANSWER: Hairstyles.

Thursday October 3rd

QUESTION: 70% of parents have done this with their kids even though they know its wrong and it involves school.

ANSWER: Send them to school sick

Wednesday October 2nd

QUESTION: More than a ⅓ of people say seeing this in the morning puts them in a good mood

ANSWER: Sunrise

Tuesday October 1st

QUESTION: On average, women will clean these once a month & men will clean them once a year.

ANSWER: Windows

Monday September 30th

QUESTION: 70% of people say they will never date a person who is ____?

ANSWER: Messy.

Friday September 27th

QUESTION: The most often recurring dream is falling; second most is being chased…what is the third most common?

ANSWER: Being back in school as an adult.

Thursday September 26th

QUESTION: The average mom spends 68 minutes a day doing this.

ANSWER: Preparing meals.

Wednesday September 25th

QUESTION: This is the most common place we lose our sunglasses.

ANSWER: Someone else’s car.

Tuesday September 24th

QUESTION: More than 3/4 of people say this is their biggest pet peeve at work.

ANSWER: People that leave dishes around.

Monday September 23rd

QUESTION: 28% of moms say they refuse to share this information.

ANSWER: Their babysitter’s info.

Friday September 20th

QUESTION: Almost 90% of people that get these never use them.

ANSWER: Frequent Flyer Miles

Thursday September 19th

QUESTION: 43% of us have this in our living room. What is it? 

ANSWER: Assigned seating

Wednesday September 18th

QUESTION: Right now almost a third of men are doing this and nobody knows. What is it?

ANSWER: Dieting

Tuesday September 17th

QUESTION: Almost 1/2 of men are scared of this.

ANSWER: Losing their hair.

Monday September 16th

QUESTION: Parents spend 82 days a year doing this.

ANSWER: Trying to get their kids to go to sleep.

Friday September 13th

QUESTION: 25% of North Americans have a sexy fantasy about this.

ANSWER: A Cartoon Character

Thursday September 12th

QUESTION: 42% of people said they were happier when they stopped this.

ANSWER: Facebook.

Wednesday September 11th

QUESTION: More single women own THIS than single men own this.

ANSWER: A house.

Tuesday September 10th

QUESTION: 1/3 of parents say this is their favorite family member.

ANSWER: The dog.

Monday September 9th

QUESTION: 3/4 of men would rather do household chores than THIS.

ANSWER: Go to the doctor.

Friday September 6th

QUESTION: Almost a 1/3rd  of guys have borrowed this from their girlfriend. What is it? 


Thursday September 5th

QUESTION: Almost half of married men say their wife does this and it drives them nuts.

ANSWER: Backseat driving

Wednesday September 4th

QUESTION: On average we do THIS every year and a half.

ANSWER: Buy a cell phone.

Tuesday September 3rd

QUESTION: 46% of parents say this happens as soon as their kids go back to school.

ANSWER: They want to have another kid.

Friday August 30th

QUESTION: 20% of us say wearing these are a turn on.

ANSWER: Sunglasses

Thursday August 29th

QUESTION: Almost a quarter of us do this on the internet even though we know its not safe

ANSWER: Use the same password

Wednesday August 28th

QUESTION: 25% of these don’t work in your home.

ANSWER: Doorbell

Tuesday August 27th

QUESTION: More than ¾ of this food is consumed by men

ANSWER: Potato Chips

Monday August 26th

QUESTION: Only a 1/4 of us do this once a month and it’s lower than it used to be 10 years ago. 

ANSWER: Go to the bank

Friday August 23rd

QUESTION: 23% of us say someone wearing these is a turn-on-what is it?

ANSWER: Glasses

Thursday August 22nd

QUESTION:  39% of us think this is the worst part of weddings.

ANSWER: Screaming Kids

Wednesday August 21st

QUESTION:  There are two jobs where 95% of the workforce is female. One is a kindergarten teacher. What is the other?

ANSWER: Dental Hygienist

Tuesday August 20th

QUESTION: Experts say if you want to keep mosquitoes away DON’T do this. 

ANSWER: Drink Beer.

Monday August 19th

QUESTION: 80% of men and 60% of women feel more attractive when they do this.

ANSWER: Running.

Friday August 16th

QUESTION:  87% of us love the smell of this, but the rest of us think it stinks.

ANSWER: The ocean.

Thursday August 15th

QUESTION: 29% of men have cried over this-what is it?

ANSWER: Weddings.

Wednesday August 14th

QUESTION: 33% of us would choose THIS as our last meal.

ANSWER: Fried Chicken.

Tuesday August 13th

QUESTION: This household item has a shelf life of 10 years.

ANSWER: Vacuum

Monday, August 12th

QUESTION: A new survey says THIS is the most annoying thing about our spouse…

ANSWER: Selective hearing

Friday August 9

Question: 1/4 of moms say if they had an extra hour in the day; they would do THIS.

Answer: Read

Thursday August 8

Question: A third of wives say they wish their husband would do this

Answer: Hold their hand

Wednesday August 7

Question: 1/4 of people that have done this wish they hadn’t.

Answer: Gotten a tattoo

Tuesday August 6

Question: 1/3 of kids won’t eat this food.

Answer: Mushrooms

Friday August 2

Question: Phone Chargers are the #1 thing left in hotels…what is #2?

Answer: Toothbrush

Thursday August 1

Question: More than a quarter of moms think their sons need to cut back on this.

Answer: Cologne.

Wednesday July 31

Question: Over 3/4 of women do this in the household.

Answer: Make the bed.

Tuesday July 30

Question: Almost half of men say that it doesn’t bother them if this is broken.

Answer: Their phone screen.

Monday July 29

Question: More than 1/4 of food delivery drivers have done this.

Answer: Tasted your food.

Thursday July 25

Question: Almost 3/4 of people who own one of these have a name for it.

Answer: Their guitar!

Monday July 22

Question: Half of men are ashamed of this.

Answer: Their body hair

Thursday July 18

Question: The average person will travel 200kms for THIS.

Answer: A concert

Tuesday July 16

Question: A huge majority of women say they will never do THIS outside.

Answer: Exercise

Monday July 15

Question: According to a recent study, this was the #1 item bought online in 2018

Answer: Cell Phone Accessories

Friday July 12

Question: 1/3 of grads said this is the #1 regret they had about college or university.

Answer: Student Loans

Thursday July 11

Question: 75% of us go cheap when buying these-what is it?

Answer: Sunglasses.

Wednesday July 10

Question: 40% of us say watching one of these puts us in a good mood.

Answer: Watching a sunrise/sunset.

Tuesday July 9

Question: Parents do this with their children about 5 times a week.

Answer: Argue

Monday July 8

Question: Nearly half of all people 20 years old and younger have never purchased one of these; what is it?

Answer: A Stamp

Friday July 5

Question: 95 % of people believe this is not a good idea on a first date.

Answer: Karaoke

Thursday July 4

Question: Men are more inclined to spend more money on this than women.

Answer: Impulse Buys

Wednesday July 3

Question: This mistake happens far less often nowadays. Only about 1% of the time.

Answer: Wrong number.

Thursday June 27

Question: 27% of people admit to doing this at work.

Answer: Pay Bills.

Wednesday June 26

Question: The average person spends 2hrs a day unhappy and this is the number #1 reason why.

Answer: Not enough sleep.

Tuesday June 25

Question: 1/3 of women will do this to get free food.

Answer: Go on a date with someone they don’t like.

Monday June 24

Question: If you’re a parent, you’re more likely to enjoy THIS food or beverage. What is THIS?

Answer: Chocolate Milk.

Friday June 21

Question:  47% of adults (over 30) do this at least once a month (only 32% of those under 30 do it).

Answer: Buy a lottery ticket.

Thursday June 20

Question: Almost a third of us need to do this right now but many of us keep putting it off.

Answer: Get a Haircut.

Wednesday June 19

Question: Almost half of kids don’t know this about their parents youth.

Answer: Their first job.

Tuesday June 18

Question: 3/4 of moms feel guilty for doing this.

Answer: Exercising

Monday June 17

Question: A new study says that the higher educated you are the more you do this.

Answer: Drink!

Friday June 14

Question: This is your dad’s #1 pet peeve.

Answer: When you leave the lights on.

Thursday June 13

Question: When THIS happens, it boosts your confidence for 2 days. What is it?

Answer: When your fav sports team wins!

Wednesday June 12

Question: It’s warming up outside! 1/4 of Dads have embarrassed their kids by doing this.

Answer: Having their shirt off in public.

Tuesday June 11

Question: 5% of us do this 21 times a week. In fact you likely did it last night. What is it?

Answer: Have a beer.

Monday June 10

Question: Over half of singles say this is the most desirable trait in a partner.

Answer: Honesty.

Friday June 7

Question: 1/3 of employees eat one of these a day at work.

Answer: A Chocolate Bar.

Thursday June 6

Question: Doing this doesn’t become embarrassing until you are 28 years old.

Answer: Living with your parents.

Wednesday June 5

Question: 70 % of moms think it’s ok for kids to do this when they are 12.

Answer: Be home alone.

Tuesday June 4

Question: Almost 5% of people say they have never washed this item.

Answer: Jeans

Monday June 3

Question: This is the #1 most requested item this year on married couples registries.

Answer: KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Friday May 31

Question: 26% of people believe this is the worst beach and pool etiquette

Answer:  Blasting loud music

Thursday May 30

Question: 70% of people would break up with a partner that asked them to get rid of this.

Answer:  Their pets

Wednesday May 29

Question: On average, parents say this to their kids over 500 times a year.

Answer:  Hurry Up!

Tuesday May 28

Question: Almost 50% of women say they won’t date a man who does this.

Answer:  Vaping

Monday May 27

Question: This is the number one place people lose their cell phones

Answer:  Grocery Store

Friday May 24

Question: Studies show that doing THIS improves women’s productivity in the office.

Answer:  Turning up the heat

Thursday May 23

Question: 44% of people would prefer a clean house over this.

Answer:  “Doing The Laundry” 😉

Wednesday May 22

Question: 1 in 3 Brits sleep with this

Answer:  Stuffed Animal

Tuesday May 21

Question: Cash & Gift cards are the most popular for Grad Gifts. What is the 3rd most popular?

Answer:  Technology ( tablets & laptops)

Thursday May 16

Question: 34% of people have cried here

Answer:  At work

Wednesday May 15

Question: 1 in 4 men never wear this

Answer:  Deodorant

Tuesday May 14

Question: 60% of couple fight about this household task.

Answer:  How to load the dishwasher

Monday May 13

Question: The average person has 16 of these.

Answer:  Friends

Friday May 10

Question: 79% of kids have lied to their parents about this.

Answer:  Brushing their teeth

Thursday May 9

Question: 20% of men are jealous of their best friends WHAT?

Answer:  Hair

Wednesday May 8

Question: 50% of people think this could hold them back in their careers

Answer:  Tattoos

Tuesday May 7

Question: On average – sons spend more on this than daughters.

Answer:  Mother’s Day gifts.

Monday May 6

Question: On average it costs about $700 to do this.

Answer: Attend a wedding

Friday May 3

Question: 74% of people say doing this at work reduces stress.

Answer: Listening to music

Thursday May 2

Question: New research says that 27% of people under 20 have never seen one of these.

Answer: Typewriter

Wednesday May 1

Question: The average one of these is 6 years old

Answer: Your couch

Tuesday April 30

Question: Both men and women view women who do THIS as less human.

Answer: Women who drink

Monday April 29

Question: 33% of people won’t date someone because of this.

Answer: Their name.

Friday April 26

Question: 7/10 people find this relaxing and peaceful.

Answer: Driving

Thursday April 25

Question: 10% of people admit to faking this part of their lives on social media.

Answer: Vacations

Wednesday April 24

Question: This is something guys need to do every once in a while but most guys hate to do it in public.

Answer: Apologize

Tuesday April 23

Question: Women are 10% less likely to kick this bad habit.

Answer: Smoking

Thursday April 18

Question: About 6% of us never eat this.

Answer: Eggs

Wednesday April 17

Question: About 47% of adults over 30 do this at least once a month. Only 32% under 30 do it.

Answer: Buy a lottery ticket

Tuesday April 16

Question: This will cost you the most in Switzerland and the very least in Russia. Canada is the 5th most expensive place to buy one of these.

Answer: The Big Mac

Friday April 12

Question: 82% of us think this is a total waste of time but we still keep doing it.

Answer: Social Media

Thursday April 11

Question: 77% of women wish they knew someone who did this.

Answer: Dance

Wednesday April 10

Question: Women do this 62 times a day; men do it 8 times a day.

Answer: Smile

Tuesday April 9

Question: 35% of us say this is the most intimidating exercise to do in public.

Answer: Yoga.

Monday April 8

Question: 30% of couples say they would rather do this alone.

Answer: Sleep.

Friday April 5

Question: Over half of women do not trust their man to do this around the house.

Answer: Fix / repair the car

Thursday April 4

Question: It takes the average person 90 seconds to find one of these in their homes.

Answer: Rubber Band.

Wednesday April 3

Question: 4% of us say drinking this makes up cry every time.

Answer: Wine.

Tuesday April 2

Question: 96 % of singles say they’d rather have someone that can do THIS instead of a hot body.

Answer: Speak another language.

Monday April 1

Question: Only 50% of kids will experience this today.

Answer: Being grounded.

Friday March 29th

Question: This happens more on a Friday than any other day.

Answer: People drive more aggressively.

Thursday March 28th

Question: The shortest man ever to ever do this was 3’7.

Answer: Play MLB

Wednesday March 27th

Question: In a recent survey, 55% of men admitted they lie about this.

Answer: Their height

Tuesday March 26th

Question: 1/3 of us do this at work everyday.

Answer: Fake being happy

Monday March 25th

Question: The average person spends 20,000 minutes in their lifetime doing this.

Answer: Kissing

Thursday March 21st

Question: 11% of guys 18-44 would get a face tattoo if they could have this.

Answer: A full head of hair.

Wednesday March 20th

Question: Men do this twice as often as women in the bathroom.

Answer: Look at their phone.

Tuesday March 19th

Question: Half of us do this first thing in the morning.

Answer: Hit the snooze button.

Monday March 18th

Question: The average couple spends 10 minutes a day fighting about this.

Answer: What to eat.

Friday March 15th

Question: 1/4 of people do this when they go to a restaurant.

Answer: Wipe the silverware.

Thursday March 14th

Question: During WW2 the production of these were halted because they were considered non essential.

Answer: Potato Chips

Wednesday March 13th

Question: 39% of people say they do this in their home once a week!

Answer: Vacuum

Tuesday March 12th

Question: In a recent survey – women said THIS stresses them out more than their kids.

Answer: Their Husband

Monday, March 11th

Question: Because of the time change this past weekend, we’ll see a 20% of these…

Answer: Accidents

Friday March 8

Question: 44% of women will not go on a second date with a guy because of this.

Answer:  He still lives at home

Thursday March 7

Question: On this National Cereal Day, what’s the most popular selling cereal in Canada?

Answer:  Honey Nut Cheerios

Wednesday March 6

Question: 13% of us have fallen asleep here.

Answer:  The dentist’s chair

Tuesday March 5

Question: The #1 thing North Americans say they don’t get enough of is SLEEP. What is #2 on the list?

Answer:  Vacations

Monday March 4

Question: One out of eight adults say they cannot do THIS. What is THIS?

Answer: Ride a bike

Friday March 1

Question: 20% of people have superstitions when it comes to this.

Answer: Sports

Thursday February 28th

Question: Millennials think they have a better chance of actually dating a celebrity than doing this

Answer: Owning a home

Wednesday February 27th

Question: 70% of North Americans think a woman should do this when she gets married.

Answer: Change her last name

Tuesday February 26th

Question: 1 in 3 of us forgot to do this today!

Answer: Brush our teeth

Monday February 25th

Question: 1/3 of us did this over the weekend.

Answer: Work

Thursday, February 14th

Question: On average it takes 6 months to do this in a relationship…

Answer: Walk around naked with them home

Wednesday, February 13th

Question: 43% of people do this…

Answer: Flirt at the grocery store

Tuesday, February 12th

Question: This spikes 433% on Valentine’s Day…

Answer: Reservations

Monday February 11th

Question: 10% of people spend their tax return on this.

Answer: Vacation

Friday February 8

Question: Only 6% of women like this on a man.

Answer: A Mustache

Thursday February 7

Question: There are just over 100 of these in the Edmonton area

Answer: Skating Rinks!

Wednesday February 6

Question: 12% of women will get this for Valentine’s Day – what is it?

Answer: Gift Card

Tuesday February 5

Question:  2/3 of people on Earth have never seen this.

Answer: Snow

Monday February 4

Question:  Moms spend about 300 hours per year doing this – what is it?

Answer: Changing Diapers

Friday February 1

Question:  17 percent of people will be doing THIS this weekend

Answer: Host a Super Bowl party

Thursday January 31

Question:  According to recent survey what food to pregnant women crave the most?

Answer: Nachos

Wednesday January 30

Question: 44% of us say it’s never ok to do this at work- What is it?

Answer: Take off your shoes

Tuesday January 29

Question: When it comes to texting…65% of us think this is rude- What is it?

Answer: One word answers

Hey! Here are the answers to our recent Too Early for a Question Question’s:

Monday January 28

Question: 25% of couples admit to arguing frequently about this-What is it?

Answer: The temperature in the house

Friday January 25

Question: People who do this daily earn $25,000 more per year than people who don’t-what is it?

Answer: Exercise

Thursday January 24

Question: 40% of Men don’t know this about their partner-what is it?

Answer: Their favorite color

Wednesday January 23

Question: Men are 3 times more likely to lose this than women

Answer: Their hearing

Tuesday January 22

Question: On average women do this 4 times a week and men only do it once!

Answer: Call their mom.

Monday January 21

Question: On average you will have 11 of these in your lifetime-what is it?

Answer: Homes

Friday January 18

Question: More boys were named THIS in Alberta last year than any other name.

Answer: Liam

Wednesday & Thursday we were at the Stollery for the 20th CORUS Stollery Radiothon.

Tuesday January 15

Question: In a recent bucket list survey, 17% of people say they regret not learning to do this.

Answer: Play Guitar

Monday January 14

Question: 13% of new parents have admitted to falling asleep standing up here.

Answer: The Shower

Friday January 11

Question: 37% of millennials say they have never eaten this classic food.

Answer: A Big Mac

Thursday January 10

Question: 23% of us are afraid to clean this because of what we might find.

Answer: The fridge

Wednesday January 9

Question: 38% of people say they ignore these warnings.

Answer: Food Recalls

Tuesday January 8

Question: 1/3 of people have done this since Christmas.

Answer: Returned a gift

Monday January 7

Question: Statistically more of these happen today than any other day of the year.

Answer: Divorces

Friday January 4

Question: Americans spend 2 billion a year to take care of this issue.

Answer: Bad Breath

Thursday January 3

Question: 1/3 of us don’t know this about our grandparents 

Answer: Their first names

Wednesday January 2

Question: 12% of people didn’t do this for New Years.

Answer: Stayed up until midnight

Friday December 21

Question: 44% of us have done this naughty thing while Christmas Shopping.

Answer: Switching Price Tags

Thursday December 20

Question: Somehow – 20% of us avoid this during the holiday season. What is it?

Answer: Weight Gain.

Wednesday December 19

Question:  Almost half of people say they never experienced this when they were kids.

Answer: Being grounded.

Tuesday December 18

Question:  On average, it takes 32 minutes to shop for this person.

Answer: Your boss.

Monday December 17

Question:  45% people won’t enter a store because of this. What is it?

Answer: Attractive salespeople.

Friday December 14

Question:  27% of people have quit a job because of this. What is it?

Answer: The Commute.

Thursday December 13

Question:  20% of us were born with this. What is it?

Answer: A Birthmark 

Wednesday December 12

Question:  Almost 40% of parents say, even if it’s bad, they’ll do THIS anyway!

Answer: Go and get their picture taken with Santa. 

Tuesday December 11

Question:  Experts say THIS will boost your energy in the morning by 28%

Answer: Brushing your teeth!

Monday December 10

Question: 32% of guys say they use THIS daily because they think it makes them look better. What is it?

Answer: Hairspray!

Friday December 7

Question: When moving in to a new home, 25% of people immediately replace these. What? 

Answer: The toilet sheets

Thursday December 6

Question: A parenting survey says that this is a dad’s #1 pet peeve, what is it?

Answer: When the kids leave the light on

Wednesday December 5

Question: This doesn’t work in every 1 out of 4 homes

Answer: The Doorbell

Tuesday December 4

Question: The average person will spend 16 hours doing this in their lifetime.

Answer: Choosing what to watch on TV

Monday December 3

Question: 17% of us have not showed up for work because of this-what is it?

Answer: Work Christmas Party

Friday November 30

Question: When asked to describe themselves in one word, 90% of us said THIS, what is it?

Answer: Shy

Thursday November 29

Question: In your lifetime, you will spend $75,000 on this

Answer: Your cell phone

Wednesday November 28

Question: This is the #1 boys name for 2018

Answer: Jackson

Tuesday November 27

Question: Only 40% of married people would do this again

Answer: Marry their same spouse

Monday November 26

Question: Men are 3 times more likely to do this today than their fathers

Answer: Cry

Friday November 23

Question: 20% of people are superstitious when it comes to this

Answer: Sports

Thursday November 22

Question: 76% of women find this fun…however only 39% of me do

Answer: Dancing

Wednesday November 21

Question: 1/4 of us have admitted to eating this gross thing

Answer: Dog Food

Tuesday November 20

Question: The average takes 16 seconds to do this

Answer: Kiss

Monday November 19

Question: 25 % of didn’t know this about our partner before marriage

Answer: Their Salary

Friday November 16

Question: 78 % of teens say THIS is the most embarrassing thing about their dad

Answer: His Jeans

Thursday November 15

Question: 90% of parents think this person in their lives deserves a raise

Answer: The Babisitter

Wednesday November 14

Question: 65% of North Americans say doing this boosts their confidence.

Answer: Get a haircut

Tuesday November 13

Question: 41% of us have committed this crime

Answer: Being paid under the table

Friday November 9

Question: When it comes to love – half of people believe in this

Answer: Love at first sight

Thursday November 8

Question: 1/3 of people wouldn’t consider dating someone if they had this

Answer: A flip phone

Wednesday November 7

Question: 50% of people regret purchasing this

Answer: A Brand New Car

Tuesday November 6

Question: This is the most downloaded app on smart phones worldwide.

Answer: Facebook


Monday November 5

Question: This is the most popular pet name for couples.

Answer: Darling


Friday November 2

Question: Half of people that do this regret it afterwards.

Answer: Get a Tattoo