Too Early for a Question Question

Hey! Here are the answers to our recent Too Early for a Question Question’s:

Tuesday January 15

Question: In a recent bucket list survey, 17% of people say they regret not learning to do this.

Answer: Play Guitar

Monday January 14

Question: 13% of new parents have admitted to falling asleep standing up here.

Answer: The Shower

Friday January 11

Question: 37% of millennials say they have never eaten this classic food.

Answer: A Big Mac

Thursday January 10

Question: 23% of us are afraid to clean this because of what we might find.

Answer: The fridge

Wednesday January 9

Question: 38% of people say they ignore these warnings.

Answer: Food Recalls

Tuesday January 8

Question: 1/3 of people have done this since Christmas.

Answer: Returned a gift

Monday January 7

Question: Statistically more of these happen today than any other day of the year.

Answer: Divorces

Friday January 4

Question: Americans spend 2 billion a year to take care of this issue.

Answer: Bad Breath

Thursday January 3

Question: 1/3 of us don’t know this about our grandparents 

Answer: Their first names

Wednesday January 2

Question: 12% of people didn’t do this for New Years.

Answer: Stayed up until midnight

Friday December 21

Question: 44% of us have done this naughty thing while Christmas Shopping.

Answer: Switching Price Tags

Thursday December 20

Question: Somehow – 20% of us avoid this during the holiday season. What is it?

Answer: Weight Gain.

Wednesday December 19

Question:  Almost half of people say they never experienced this when they were kids.

Answer: Being grounded.

Tuesday December 18

Question:  On average, it takes 32 minutes to shop for this person.

Answer: Your boss.

Monday December 17

Question:  45% people won’t enter a store because of this. What is it?

Answer: Attractive salespeople.

Friday December 14

Question:  27% of people have quit a job because of this. What is it?

Answer: The Commute.

Thursday December 13

Question:  20% of us were born with this. What is it?

Answer: A Birthmark 

Wednesday December 12

Question:  Almost 40% of parents say, even if it’s bad, they’ll do THIS anyway!

Answer: Go and get their picture taken with Santa. 

Tuesday December 11

Question:  Experts say THIS will boost your energy in the morning by 28%

Answer: Brushing your teeth!

Monday December 10

Question: 32% of guys say they use THIS daily because they think it makes them look better. What is it?

Answer: Hairspray!

Friday December 7

Question: When moving in to a new home, 25% of people immediately replace these. What? 

Answer: The toilet sheets

Thursday December 6

Question: A parenting survey says that this is a dad’s #1 pet peeve, what is it?

Answer: When the kids leave the light on

Wednesday December 5

Question: This doesn’t work in every 1 out of 4 homes

Answer: The Doorbell

Tuesday December 4

Question: The average person will spend 16 hours doing this in their lifetime.

Answer: Choosing what to watch on TV

Monday December 3

Question: 17% of us have not showed up for work because of this-what is it?

Answer: Work Christmas Party

Friday November 30

Question: When asked to describe themselves in one word, 90% of us said THIS, what is it?

Answer: Shy

Thursday November 29

Question: In your lifetime, you will spend $75,000 on this

Answer: Your cell phone

Wednesday November 28

Question: This is the #1 boys name for 2018

Answer: Jackson

Tuesday November 27

Question: Only 40% of married people would do this again

Answer: Marry their same spouse

Monday November 26

Question: Men are 3 times more likely to do this today than their fathers

Answer: Cry

Friday November 23

Question: 20% of people are superstitious when it comes to this

Answer: Sports

Thursday November 22

Question: 76% of women find this fun…however only 39% of me do

Answer: Dancing

Wednesday November 21

Question: 1/4 of us have admitted to eating this gross thing

Answer: Dog Food

Tuesday November 20

Question: The average takes 16 seconds to do this

Answer: Kiss

Monday November 19

Question: 25 % of didn’t know this about our partner before marriage

Answer: Their Salary

Friday November 16

Question: 78 % of teens say THIS is the most embarrassing thing about their dad

Answer: His Jeans

Thursday November 15

Question: 90% of parents think this person in their lives deserves a raise

Answer: The Babisitter

Wednesday November 14

Question: 65% of North Americans say doing this boosts their confidence.

Answer: Get a haircut

Tuesday November 13

Question: 41% of us have committed this crime

Answer: Being paid under the table

Friday November 9

Question: When it comes to love – half of people believe in this

Answer: Love at first sight

Thursday November 8

Question: 1/3 of people wouldn’t consider dating someone if they had this

Answer: A flip phone

Wednesday November 7

Question: 50% of people regret purchasing this

Answer: A Brand New Car

Tuesday November 6

Question: This is the most downloaded app on smart phones worldwide.

Answer: Facebook


Monday November 5

Question: This is the most popular pet name for couples.

Answer: Darling


Friday November 2

Question: Half of people that do this regret it afterwards.

Answer: Get a Tattoo

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