Andrea Taylor

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A little bit about Andrea…

To say Andrea was destined to work at CISN Country might not be too far off. When she was a teenager, she was anti-country music because it just wasn’t the “cool” thing to listen to. Despite this, Andrea went Big Valley Jamboree every summer! One family friend said he knew she was secretly tapping her toes and singing along. He wasn’t wrong. At Andrea’s high school graduation, he sent a note to be read at the ceremony. It included this:

“I know your ultimate goal in life is to become a disc jockey for CISN Country music radio station and in time you hope to become the M.C. at the Camrose Big Valley Jamboree because we know you love country music so much.”

See? Destiny! Andrea considers herself  lucky to get to work for her dream station for as many years as she has. She loves all things country music, and it’s not a lie when we all say that CISN Country has the best listeners.