Clear Our Shelter Adoption Event

The Edmonton Humane Society (EHS) is hosting a “Clear Our Shelter” adoption event this Friday and Saturday to rehome over 500 animals.

The organization has an unusually high number of animals coming up for adoption, due to a recent seizure by EHS Animal Protection Officers from a local pet store. The animals were seized on February 27, after receiving a concern of abandonment. Initially, the animals were placed on a mandatory hold after the seizure. That hold has now been lifted, so EHS can find homes for the animals.

“This will be the largest number of animals we’ve ever had available for adoption at one time, and our goal is to find each one a loving forever home this weekend,” said Miranda Jordan-Smith, CEO of the Edmonton Humane Society. “With the number and various species of animals currently in care, we want to rehome them urgently to ensure their optimum health welfare, and to reinstate our regular capacity.”

The adoptable animals will include dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, lizards, snakes, arachnids, frogs, crabs and birds, as well as hundreds of fish. Most animals at the shelter will be available for a reduced adoption fee of $25, while dogs, puppies and kittens will be 25% off the regular adoption fee. Fish will be adopted for $1 each. The special pricing does not include animals at off-site adoption locations. Potential adopters will still be required to go through the EHS’ adoption process.

“Our mission in animal sheltering is to provide animals with a second chance at finding a forever home. We aim to have all animals adopted out by the time we close on Saturday” added Jordan-Smith.

The investigation related to the seized animals remains ongoing. In order to protect the integrity of the investigation, EHS is unable to release details on its current status and when or if charges will be laid. There is a six month Statute of Limitations from the time the offence occurred to when charges could be laid for concerns reported under the Animal Protect Act of Alberta (APA).

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