Black Gold Rodeo Fun Rodeo

Black Gold Rodeo Fun Rodeo!

  • Ranch Rodeo ( see below )
  • Chuckin’ Tomahawks
  • Roping Lessons ( Waiting on confirmation )
  • Petting Zoo
  • Cow Pie Drop
  • Food Trucks
  • Dunk Tanks
  • Lawn Tractor Racing ( waiting on Confirmation )


BRANDING A four member team is required to rope an assigned numbered calf, return to their branding pit, brand the calf, using a branding iron.   Points are awarded for the best time after branding 2 calves.

TRAILOR LOADING A four member team will be required to enter a head of numbered yearlings, extracting their announced number, returning to and loading it into the trailer in the arena.  One free standing panel will be available for use in loading.

TEAM PENNING A four member team must go into a head of cattle numbered in groups of 3.  The announcer will call a number  as the team crosses the foul line.  The team must enter the herd separating their three numbered cattle, and move them back across the foul line and into the sorting pen.

TEAM SORTING A four member team is required to sort 10 cattle in numerical order through a “gate” in the arena within 2 min. and 30 sec. All arena rules apply (ex. Rough excessive force, foul language etc.)

STEER DOCTORING A four member team is required to go into a herd of numbered yearlings.  The announcer will assign a number as the team crosses the start line.  The team must extract their numbered yearling by heading and heeling with ropes, one team member must slap the animal.

COW/CALF SORTING A four member team is required to go into a mixedherd of cow/calf pairs and yearlings and extract two pairs of a number assigned by the judge.  Also extract one numbered yearling.  The pairs and yearling are then taken across the line.