CISN Country 103.9 ‘Yards for Hope’ for Hope Mission

CISN Country 103.9 is proud to broadcast Yards for Hope, this year’s Radiothon in support of Hope Mission, an organization dedicated to helping the hungry and homeless. Collectively, over the last decade, the annual radiothon has raised over a million dollars.

Kicking off on Wednesday, October 9, at 5:30 a.m., the award-winning radio station will broadcast from The Brick Field at Commonwealth. Starting at one end zone of the football field, the live broadcast will move one yard for every thousand dollars donated, with the goal of providing 42,000+ meals this Fall. Chris, Jack & Matt, will continue to move up the field, aiming to travel 110 yards and reach the other end zone by 9 a.m. on Thursday, October 10.

To donate, please call Hope Mission 1-855-836-HOPE (4673) or give online at

Hope begins with a meal at Hope Mission, and you can provide a meal and more. $54 will provide 20 hot, nutritious meals and care for those in need.