A Country Star is Born

Jubilations Dinner Theatre is excited to present A Country Star is Born running November 1st to January 26th!

Dolly works at the Long Neck Roadhouse. She is a young and talented country singer with a gift for writing amazing country music. After years of trying though, Dolly is almost ready to give up on her dreams. That is when fate steps in. Actually… that is when Garth steps in. Garth Jackson is a country legend with the most hit records of any recording artist in history. He has everything a person could ever want, fame fortune and legions of fans. Fortunately, for Dolly, he also has a tour bus that broke down right outside the bar!

Jubilations Dinner Theatre presents the rootin’ tootin’, down home country music parody… A Country Star is Born!

For more information, check out their website!