Edmonton First Responders Rodeo

Event Schedule 

JULY 14 2018
: 11 A.M.
KID’S CORRAL: 11 A.M. – 5 P.M.
TICKETS: Available at the gate!

The first ever, Edmonton First Responders Rodeo will be an action packed day of events featuring First Responders getting their butts kicked by everyday barn yard animals. This event was inspired by the long running Calgary Police Rodeo. Originally it was a way to show a different side of law enforcement while raising money for two fantastic causes.

Come join us for a fun day of family friendly rodeo in support two great causes.  One of the benefactors is TEMA an organization that specializes in the treatment of PTSD amongst our First Responders.  Our second benefactor is the Zebra Centre which is an organization that specializes in working with children who are also dealing with some traumatic incidents in their world.  The whole purpose of this event is for people to come out and see their First Responders competing in a fun atmosphere while still supporting others.  Come on out and meet your First Responders as they compete against each other in a friendly arena instead of against the traumatic incidents they’re normally dispatched to.

This fun filled day starts with a sometimes emotional opening ceremony.  We recognize those that came before us and open the event with the Cowboy’s Prayer.  Once the formalities are complete, the action begins.  Enjoy a full day of events for everyone big and small from tiny contestants competing in mutton busting to the bravest of our brave sitting at a table playing poker with a loose bull in the arena. With a kid’s area, food trucks, cold beverages and a barn dance to wrap up the day, you’ll certainly find this was worth your time in support of two great causes.