Nate Smith Whiskey On You Two Weeks #1 on ACC with Kix Brooks

American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks is on CISN Country 103.9 Edmonton and Country 105 Calgary Saturday’s 8 AM to Noon.

Nate Smith’s Whiskey On You is a two-week #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, followed by ACC.

Nate Smith will release his debut self-titled album on April 28.

“It has been so much fun making this album, and I really believe in every one of these songs. Releasing an album has always been a goal of mine, but at the end of the day, it’s really not about me. It’s about being able to reach other people with music that means something. I’m not trying to be cool, or reinvent the wheel, or chase musical trends. I’m going after the heart of the matter.”

Nate Smith Whiskey On You

Nate Smith


“When I released Whiskey, I wasn’t sure what would happen. I just knew I loved it. First, my fans were super encouraging on social media, and then country radio welcomed the song with open arms, and for that, I couldn’t be more grateful. This is such a proud moment for me and I feel so blessed to get to say I have the #1 song on country radio! Meanwhile, my dad is just glad I have a job! A huge thank you to country radio, my fans, my team and everyone who has lifted this song up.”

Nate Smith Whiskey On You

Nate Smith


Whiskey On You was written by Nate Smith, Russell Sutton and Lindsay Rimes.

“I’d just gotten out of a relationship two days before I had a writer’s retreat. Jim Catino has an awesome lake house that’s two hours away from Nashville, and he invited me to come out there. It was the perfect time. I was upset and all that stuff. So I went out there and wrote a bunch of songs, and Whiskey On You was one of them. It felt really good, so we recorded the whole demo right there in his kitchen, with my vocals and everything. Then we came back to Nashville, and the team liked it a lot, and we decided to cut it. So we went in the studio and recorded everything and re-recorded my vocals, but it didn’t feel right like it did when we did the demo. So finally we said, Let’s just use the demo and mix the demo. And that’s what’s on the radio right now.”

Nate Smith is coming to Alberta for Country Thunder in Calgary.

Nate Smith will join Thomas Rhett on his Home Team Tour 2023. Kicking off May 4 in Des Moines, Iowa, then hitting 40 cities this summer.

The Whiskey On You video was directed by Chris Ashlee. It stars Nate Smith and TikTok creator Katie “Demps” Dempsey, who plays the singer’s crazy ex-girlfriend.

“I am thrilled for the Whiskey On You music video to come out!! I really wanted everyone to get to know my fun side. I couldn’t have had a better costar than Demps! She absolutely crushed it and will definitely make you laugh!”

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