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Jelly Roll’s Son Of A Sinner is #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, followed by American Country Countdown.

Jelly Roll is Jason DeFord; he grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, in the southside community of Antioch.

Jelly Roll is honest about his struggles with addiction. In his teens and early twenties, he was in and out of jail. As a teen, he was charged with robbery and at 21, he was charged with possession with intent to distribute.

“In the beginning, I did a lot of drugs. I drank a lot of codeine, a lot of cough syrup. I took a lot of Xanax, did a lot of cocaine, just really took it overboard. I’ve had years, dude; I don’t remember years.

Son Of A Sinner was written by Jason DeFord, David Ray Stevens and Ernest K. Smith.

“Complete vulnerability is my constant goal in writing. Music was the way I found out I wasn’t alone.”

“The music we make is extremely cathartic. I meet fans every night who tell me some of the saddest stories I’ve ever heard in my life. If hypothetically, it was just one person; I could never quit writing these songs. I have a duty to continue to try to touch that one person.”

Jelly Roll Son Of A Sinner

Jelly Roll


It’s the second single from Jelly Roll’s LP Ballads Of The Broken.

“The thing about the addictive personality is that everything is in extremes. I’ve woken up hungover and told myself a thousand times that I’m never going to drink like that again. And then you go get drunk that night or a few nights later. With this album, especially songs like Son of a Sinner, I’m trying to say that there can be a balance.”

Jelly Roll will release his first country album this spring.
“I’m really proud of it. I’m going to have some features on it. It’s a country record, for sure. It’ll be my debut country album. I’m kind of really excited about taking my first real big leap into the genre. I think Son of a Sinner was just kind of showing people what I could do, but we also got some real kind of rock records on there, some real kind of rocky records on there. And we’ll have a couple of songs where I’m spitting a little bit too. So it’s still true to Jelly Roll for sure.”

“There is no greater reward for a singer and songwriter in Nashville, Tenn., than to have the #1 song on country radio. Now imagine that happening to a guy that grew up in this town, a guy that at every turn for the first 25 years of his life made the wrong decision. Imagine everyone telling that guy he had no chance at country radio. If you can imagine that, then you can understand why I’m so filled with gratitude as tears stream down my face while I type this. I currently have the #1 song on country radio. Thank you to every single person that helped make this dream come true.”

Jelly Roll’s 2023 resolutions, no phone and work on his health and fitness.

“I’m going to spend the first couple months of the year just focusing on family and health. I lost some weight this year in 2022, but in 2023 I wanna finally conquer the demon. I don’t leave for a big tour until about the middle of the year. So I plan on taking the first half of the year to tighten the album up and get some work in.”

“This song and video encapsulates the struggle every human has on a daily of being somewhere between right and wrong. I hope this song helps somebody in the same way it helped me.”

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