‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Trailer Sees Chris Pratt Debut His Mario Voice

Chris Pratt could be the hero of the mushroom kingdom.

Illumination released the first teaser trailer for the much-anticipated “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” on Wednesday.

Fans can hear the voices of some of the star-studded cast for the film for the first time, including the controversial casting of Pratt in the role of Italian plumber Mario.

The trailer opens with a menacing Bowser-shaped ship spilling lava across a frozen kingdom as Jack Black’s intimidating Bowser demands, “Open the gates.”

The penguins’ attempt to take down the King of Koopas proves futile as he incinerates their kingdom.


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“I finally found it,” the animated turtle announces over a glowing star. “Now who’s gonna stop me?’

Pratt’s plucky red-capped Mario is launched into the Mushroom Kingdom headfirst to answer the hero’s call.

“What is this place?” He questions as he is greeted by an overzealous mushroom-capped figure Toad, voiced by Keegan-Michael Key.

“Do not touch that mushroom, you’ll die!” he announces dramatically, before admitting. “Oh, I’m sorry. That one’s perfectly fine.”

The short teaser for the animated film also features a sneak peek at Charlie Day’s Luigi as he is chased into a mansion by spooky skeleton-like koopas.

The film is a joint collaboration between Nintendo and Illumination and marks the first time the video game franchise has headed to the big screen following the disastrous 1993 live-action film.


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Speaking on his interpretation of Mario’s voice previously, Pratt hyped up his approach as something new and radical.

“I’m providing a voice for an animated character, and it is updated and unlike anything you’ve heard in the Mario world before,” he said.

Other members for the cast include Anya Taylor-Joy, Seth Rogen, Fred Armisen and more.

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie” hits theatres on April 7, 2023.

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