Chris Young With Mitchell Tenpenny At The End Of A Bar #1 on ACC with Kix Brooks

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Chris Young with Mitchell Tenpenny At The End Of A Bar is #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, followed by ACC.

At The End Of A Bar is Chris Young’s eleventh Billboard Country Airplay #1.

“I’m so excited to notch my 11th #1. It’s crazy to think that this is back-to-back, following Famous Friends, and it truly encompasses the vision that I had for this album making music with my friends. Celebrating this one with Mitchell Tenpenny and Chris DeStefano is gonna be so special.”

At The End Of A Bar was written by Chris Young, Mitchell Tenpenny and Chris DeStefano.

“We were just talking about how Mitchell and I met. I said Mitchell and I met at the end of a bar, and Mitchell said That’s the song title. That’s the song we’re gonna write today.”

It is the fourth single from Young’s eighth studio album Famous Friends.

Chris Young And Mitchell Tenpenny At The End Of A Bar

Chris Young and Mitchell Tenpenny


Chris and Mitchell wrote the song in February 2021 during an ice storm in Nashville, Tennessee. The title came from Tenpenny recalling how he met Young.

“It’s a true testament to never skip a day of work because you never know what you might write. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun to sing, and Mitchell Tenpenny and I had entirely too much fun stacking vocals on this, so we had to make it a duet.”

“I’m just so excited to have a number one with this song. It’s a special song and a great story about how it was written. Even cooler to have it with some of my best buddies. Chris has become one of my best friends, so to get to celebrate this together is special in itself. And I can’t express enough how amazing Chris DeStefano is. His talent and his energy in the room is unmatched. We’ve written some of my favorite songs together and I’m just honored to share a #1 with these incredible men.”

Tracy Lawrence makes a cameo in the music video for At the End of a Bar when Mitchell name-checks the song Time Marches On. Tracy can be seen holding up a shot at the end of the bar.

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