Michael Ray Whiskey And Rain #1 on ACC with Kix Brooks

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Michael Ray’s Whiskey And Rain is #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, followed by ACC.

Whiskey And Rain is Michael’s second Country Airplay #1. Kiss You In The Morning hit #1 in 2015.

“I owe this one to the fans who love country music just as much as I do. The support for Whiskey And Rain has been so overwhelming and exciting.”

“I miss story songs that you have to listen to all the way through to understand. This song is everything I love about country music, traditional country music, like Tim McGraw and Earl Thomas Conley and I want to bring that back. This is the music I originally came to Nashville to make. And I’m grateful to have this opportunity for fans to get to know me better as an artist.”

Michael Ray

Michael Ray Whiskey And Rain


“This is incredible. I knew this song was something special, but I never dreamed it would be this impactful. I’m so thankful to my team who kept pushing to get this song to #1, and I’m grateful for the fans who found Whiskey And Rain just as special as I do. Your support means everything, and I can’t wait to keep bringing you compelling Country music.”

“Back when we were recording this song, I would think about all the things I always loved about Gary Allan and the way his music spoke to me and my life growing up in Eustis. I hope this song has been there for you on lonely nights when you’ve needed it, just like Gary always has been for me. One of my favorites of his goes, Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride. Thank y’all for this beautiful ride! Thank y’all for loving this song!”

Gary Allan gave a shout-out to his good friend Michael Ray.

Jesse Frasure and Josh Thompson co-wrote Whiskey And Rain, the first single from Michael Ray’s EP Higher Education, produced by Ross Copperman.

“I went to Ross Copperman with the idea that I wanted to be my authentic self on this record, because now I truly know who that is. I thought, ‘If we could marry what I love and pair it with his melodic talent to create this 90’s/now sound, I think that would work. And it has. It’s been such a cool process working with him.”

“Country music fans have allowed me to grow through my last two albums, and I can’t thank them enough for believing in me and the music. I’m very proud of everything we’ve done. And with this project especially, I really reminded myself that I’m a fan too, It was a country music song that made me pick up a guitar and move to Nashville ten years ago. Keeping a fan-first mindset gave me the confidence to include really honest, vulnerable songs. It’s different than anything I’ve ever done.”

“Sean Hagwell directed the video. I love working with him and the team. I love how his mind works. With this song having more of a throwback feel to it, I knew that he didn’t grow up listening to the ’90s country or country music at all, so he’s bringing a different idea to this. He and I brainstormed, and he brought the idea to the table of, let’s really shoot that thing to where it feels like it’s back in the day, and feels like it’s in the ’90s, back when Travis Tritt and Tracy Lawrence did their videos, where they’re like mini-movies.”

“I remember keeping CMT rolling all day long at my parents’ house, just watching those videos. I felt like back then those videos were just outstanding. And I thought if we could touch on that. So, we drew a lot of inspiration from those guys, from back in the day of those Reba videos and that type of thing. We did it with a different lens, so it had more of a fade. It made it more perfectly dated.”

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