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Dustin Lynch Featuring MacKenzie Porter Thinking ‘Bout You is a five-week #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, followed by American Country Countdown.

“It’s one of those songs that just continues to surprise and to have a partner in crime on this climb has been fun, because when it first started out, MacKenzie’s like Hey, I’ve never really done this in the states is this going well? And I’m like ‘MacKenzie this doesn’t happen to me. This song is a rocket ship. This thing is growing huge, and it’s proven itself to continue to grow and really change our careers in a lot of ways.”
Thinking ‘Bout You is Dustin’s 8th and MacKenzie’s 1st Billboard Country Airplay #1.

Five weeks #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

Dustin Lynch MacKenzie Porter

Dustin Lynch MacKenzie Porter


#3 in Canada on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, with the most increased plays.

Dustin Lynch MacKenzie Porter

Dustin Lynch MacKenzie Porter


Dustin Lynch co-wrote Thinking ‘Bout You with Andy Albert, Hunter Phelps, and Will Weatherly for his fourth LP, Tullahoma.

“So I wrote Thinking ‘Bout You because for years I’ve been wanting to have a collab moment. I just love the history that collabs have in country music and this specific way we got into making this feel natural with a guy and a girl singing on a song was me and my songwriter buddies said Hey, let’s make it about a phone conversation of two people reconnecting.”

“We were in between tour stops on the Thomas Rhett Tour, and I think we were doing a festival in Ohio. I had taken a bus of songwriters out with me, and I had this idea of two ex-lovers talking again. We got to talking about it and how we could write it and not make it feel weird and came up with the idea of a phone conversation. It just fell out from there. Each song is a connection with memories. When we got back to town we maybe rewrote a thing or two and then did the vocal. I had that gut feeling that it was special.”

MacKenzie Porter received word Dustin Lynch was looking for a female vocalist to be featured on his song Thinking ‘Bout You. The original version from Dustin’s LP Tullahoma featured Lauren Alaina; due to timing issues with Alaina, Lynch opted to re-record the song in order to send it to country radio.

“He did a blind audition process and I was one of the people asked to audition for it. Me and my producer put a vocal down and sent it in.”

A few days later, Lynch left Porter a voicemail, officially inviting her to be part of the song.

“I still have that voicemail saved, and this whole ride has been truly a dream. It was the perfect thing to get my name out there without physically going anywhere because no one could tour. It was the perfect storm.”

Dustin Lynch and MacKenzie Porter sang their #1 song Thinking ‘Bout You at the CCMA Awards in London, Ontario, November 29, 2021.

“What I’ve realized is it’s fun to do it with someone else. I kinda get the duo thing now. Usually, you reach these milestones and accolades, and it’s like alright, Go me, but you can’t really communicate that with someone maybe your band members, but to have MacKenzie along for the ride, and have someone to text and celebrate the highs and here we are reaching the top.”

“The accessibility to her vocal is major. There is a difference in performing and projecting the character. MacKenzie has an awesome tone and the tone was what made her audition special. Not everyone has that, it’s not taught, you have to have something unique that stands out, and she has that quality in her vocal. I think it is important to have a vocal for radio so people can relate to songs easier.”

Backstage at the CCMA Awards, Dustin Lynch revealed he turned in his upcoming 5th LP.

It will include at least three collaborations including his new #1 with MacKenzie Porter.

Dustin Lynch will kick off the Big Valley Jamboree Thursday, July 28, 2022.

BVJ-Big Valley Jamboree

BVJ-Big Valley Jamboree

Big Valley Jamboree

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