Dustin Lynch Feat. MacKenzie Porter Thinking 'Bout You Two Weeks #1 on ACC

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Dustin Lynch Featuring MacKenzie Porter Thinking ‘Bout You is a two-week #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, followed by ACC.

“MacKenzie and I are so honored to be embraced and lifted up by Country radio with this single. Our genre has a rich tradition of duets that stand the test of time, and we can only hope to contribute to that list.”

Thinking ‘Bout You is Dustin’s 8th and MacKenzie’s 1st Billboard Country Airplay #1.

“It’s been really special to be able to share this ride to the top of the Billboard Country Airplay chart with MacKenzie. I am excited for this song to continue doing its thing and keep changing our lives!”

Dustin Lynch Featuring MacKenzie Porter

Dustin Lynch Featuring MacKenzie Porter


Dustin and MacKenzie are #2 in Canada on the Country Airplay Billboard charts.

Dustin Lynch Featuring MacKenzie Porter

Dustin Lynch Featuring MacKenzie Porter


“This is one of my favorite songs from Tullahoma, and I’m so excited we get to shine a light on it in a new way with MacKenzie. We chose her voice for this version when my team and I reached out to our Country music community for submissions from up-and-coming female artists. Not wanting to be swayed by any other factors, we got a folder of numbered MP3s and just listened. It all pointed to MacKenzie. I fell in love with her tone, it was effortless and honest. Her voice is something that can’t be taught, it’s clear she was born with that talent. She was brilliant at bringing her uniqueness to this song, but also keeping it familiar for fans of the original.”


MacKenzie Porter received word Dustin Lynch was looking for a female vocalist to be featured on his song Thinking ‘Bout You. The original version from Dustin’s LP Tullahoma featured Lauren Alaina; due to timing issues with Alaina, Lynch opted to re-record the song in order to send it to country radio.

“He did a blind audition process and I was one of the people asked to audition for it. Me and my producer put a vocal down and sent it in.”

A few days later, Lynch left Porter a voicemail, officially inviting her to be part of the song.

“I still have that voicemail saved, and this whole ride has been truly a dream. It was the perfect thing to get my name out there without physically going anywhere because no one could tour. It was the perfect storm.”

Dustin Lynch co-wrote Thinking ‘Bout You with Andy Albert, Hunter Phelps, and Will Weatherly for his fourth album, Tullahoma.

“We were in between tour stops on the Thomas Rhett Tour, and I think we were doing a festival in Ohio. I had taken a bus of songwriters out with me, and I had this idea of two ex-lovers talking again. We got to talking about it and how we could write it and not make it feel weird and came up with the idea of a phone conversation. It just fell out from there. Each song is a connection with memories. When we got back to town we maybe rewrote a thing or two and then did the vocal. I had that gut feeling that it was special.”

“In front of the camera, MacKenzie is a pro. I was sitting there watching the monitor going, Oh man, I got my work cut out for me. But we had a blast, and she’s a great sport. I think my favorite part about that day was just getting to spend time with MacKenzie and watch her do her thing and shine.”

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