Sam Hunt Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90's #1 on ACC with Kix Brooks

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Sam Hunt’s Breaking Up Was Easy In The ’90s is #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, followed by American Country Countdown.

“We are all in this debate now about the value of social media, and there are plusses and minuses to em. But, that’s the one that I always go back to as the blessing and the curse, it’s Instagram.”

Breaking Up is Sam’s third straight and 8th Billboard Country Airplay #1.

Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt


Breaking Up Was Easy In The ’90s is from Sam Hunt’s second LP, Southside.

Sam wrote Breaking Up with Zach Crowell, Chris LaCorte, Ernest K. Smith and Josh Osborne.

“My buddy Josh Osborne called me one afternoon and said, I have this idea. I bet breaking up was easy in the nineties. I was like, Man, I love it. So fast forward several months, we did a little writing retreat outside of town. It was kind of the 9th hour in terms of the second record coming out. Typically, I don’t know for sure if a song is going to make it on a record until it’s finished, and I listen to it. But that one, I would sit and write out the tracklisting, and I would put Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90’s so I knew I had to get it right.”

Justin Clough directed the music video. The clip follows the sad story of a man who was just released from prison.

As he tries to get his life back on track, the man finds himself haunted by memories of a past girlfriend.

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