Our Morning Routine

Quick introduction – Hey! I’m Jack. I work on the Morning Show at CISN Country 103.9 ; on air from 5:30am – 9am Monday to Friday. I also have a husband that works out of town and 2 young girls (Ages 1 & 4).

The question I get asked all the time is “WHAT is your morning routine?” And “How the heck do you get your girls up and out the door at 4:45am?”

Well I thought I would give a little insight into our morning routine and give some tips that work for us – and hopefully they will work for you too! Just a disclaimer here- these are tips that work for my girls lol they are never guaranteed (and I can promise you some mornings NOTHING works haha).



  • It all comes down to planning. The more you do the night before the easier the morning is. I try and lay out everything I can the night before. Even down to Lilly’s bottle for her milk in the morning ( milk still in the fridge obviously haha) but the bottle itself is ready , on the counter. All jackets and boots are by the door. My work bag is packed as much as I can – even my boots and jacket are out.


  • Laying out clothes for all of us the night before REALLY helps too. Kennedy is 4 and gets pumped about choosing her own outfit. Also, if we do it the night before were not rushing and fighting over what she is wearing.


Picking out clothes the night before has been a game changer!

Picking out clothes the night before has been a game changer!

California Closets
  • I try and keep the same timeline of things every morning so the girls know what’s coming next. No surprises. Routine for my girls has worked so well. They feel in control because they can predict what’s going to come next.


  • Always give yourself a ton of time. Things that would normally take 5 mins – I give 10. That extra 10-15 mins buffer time in the morning does WONDERS on everyone’s stress levels. If something takes a little longer – that’s ok cause you have that buffer.


  • MUSIC- if your kids have some fav songs – have them playing. It puts everyone in a great mood.


Good Morning!

Good Morning!

Jack Sweeney/ CISN Country

Our Actual Timeline (if you’re curious):

2:50am: My alarm goes off

2:50am-3:20am:  I do my hair and makeup and get dressed for the day. Thank you to all of you who always say nice things about my hair haha I promise I will show you a quick & easy hair tutorial soon. If I can do it at 3am – anyone can.

3:20am – 4am: I work on the morning show and my newscasts. Gather the casts & go through the stories that have happened over the last 24 hours. Basically have my first newscast ready as I literally walk in the door and go on air ( see below)

4am – 4:10am: I wake up Lilly, my 1yr old and get her changed and dressed

4:10am -4:20am :  Feed Lilly her bottle

4:20am-4:35am: Get Kennedy up and dressed (Kennedy has breakfast at the dayhome)

4:35am- 4:45am: Get our boots/ jackets on and head to the jeep

5am: Arrive at dayhome

5:20am: Arrive at CISN Country ready for the morning show at 5:30am


Lastly – I drink an obscene amount of coffee. Our Keurig gets a pretty good workout. I know its not the BEST crutch for me to have and eventually I would like to lessen my intake. But honestly right now – somedays its survival mode over here.  I’m drinking 2 large cups in the morning while I get ready and produce my newscasts and then one GIANT cup at CISN haha. After that – I try to switch to Green Tea ( Loving Tetley Mint or Blueberry).

Alright – so now the mystery is solved. Hope this helps a little bit when you’re trying to get out the door with your kids. Just know – nothings perfect and this works about 90% of the time haha which at this point I’m counting as a win!


xoxx Jacks

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