Turning your DIY projects and COVID-19 downtime into cash

WATCH: DIY expert Jennifer Zhang in Vancouver shows us how to create easy crafting projects and turn them into a money-making business.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out creativity in many people as a result of being quarantined at home.

Global News reported back in March that baking-related search items were popular on Google and grocery stores experienced an increase in flour and sugar purchases. This led flour manufacturers to work overtime in order to keep up with the high demand and keep shelves full.

Whether it’s baking, knitting or sewing, some folks have used pandemic time at home to their own advantage to share their crafts — but at a price.

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Vancouver YouTube DIY expert Jennifer Zhang joined The Morning Show and shared tips on how to transform exceptional DIY gems into an online business.

Zhang said DIY items like scrunchies, face masks and fabrics with embroidery are great to sell on online shopping markets or your own website.

“There are tons of different second-hand shops online that you can sell at like Depop and Poshmark,” she said. “You can start your own website on Squarespace.”

Zhang said it’s easier to make scrunchies with old fabrics.

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“I would recommend using old pieces of clothing that you no longer wear… anything on the thinner side,” she said.

Zhang said masks are simple to make, but especially if you use a sewing machine. Again, using old fabrics is preferable while crafting masks, but it’s best to use cotton material and a template for great designs and protection.

Experts recommend individuals use cotton-made masks since they have better weave densities and filtration.

Embroidery is nice to use when wanting to glamourize and customize items like bucket hats, and Zhang said it’s actually quite affordable to buy embroidery threads.

“If you have the artistic ability and the time this is something perfect,” she said. “Because there’s someone who wants something custom and unique.”

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