Kenny Chesney Here And Now #1 on ACC with Kix Brooks

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Kenny Chesney’s Here And Now is #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart followed by ACC.

Here And Now is Kenny Chesney’s 31st Billboard Country Airplay #1. Kenny first hit #1 back in 1997 with She’s Got It All.

“When we recorded Here and Now, it was this awesome rush that captured the peak moments, finding them in your day, creating them and not just waiting around for them to happen. It was the perfect song as we were all getting ready for another summer of shows. But now, in some ways, this song is even more in the moment because we all have to remember to find joy.”

Craig Wiseman, David Lee Murphy, and David Garcia wrote Here And Now.

Here And Now is the second single and title track from Kenny’s 19th LP.

Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney


Here And Now was #1 for two weeks in June on the Billboard Canada Country National Airplay chart.

Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney


“I remember cutting Here and Now and how great it felt. But I also hoped it might remind really busy people what matters is, be in the moment. I always try to cut songs that lift people up, or say something about how we live, because music can speak to those things without preaching.”

“For this song to be my 31st #1. It tells me to keep pushing, to keep trying to speak to people and create dialogues about what matters through my music. To me, when a song comes out of the radio that makes you smile and helps you live your life in the moment, what could be better?”

Kenny Chesney’s next single from his LP Here And Now will be Happy Does.

“I don’t believe in preaching, and I sure don’t want to tell anyone how to live. But right now, I think we can all use something to lift us up. Here And Now did such a great job reminding everyone how good living in the moment can be, it felt like the only song that could follow it was Happy Does.”
“To do what you love, to chase a dream is a really special thing. When you’re doing that, you find a whole lot of happiness with just a little bit of something. The chorus with the rope swing, the palm tree off the rearview mirror, a kiss from someone you love. With all this unknown and all this who knows, it felt like the song people were going to need this summer. The melody feels good, and the track makes you smile! So Happy Does is a pretty good post-it note when you’re having a bad day, or even just a day.”

Kenny Chesney has postponed his Chillaxification 2020 tour to 2021 due to COVID-19.

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