"Mighty Ducks" reboot has been confirmed!

10-year-old me is FREAKING OUT right now!!! Actually, so is 32-year-old me…this is one of my fav movie franchises (minus the 3rd movie) of all time. I used to watch them on repeat and drive my poor Mom nuts with Coach Bombay and the gang. There were rumours a few months ago this might be happening, but today it was confirmed that a reboot is coming.

So it won’t be a reboot movie, but actually a TV series coming to Disney+. Apparently the show revolves around a 13-year-old who is cut from the Mighty Ducks team. He and his mom decide to start their own team by recruiting a coach and some players, along with finding a place to play! A lot like how the first movie started with Coach Bombay

The series is actually going to film in Vancouver starting this February and Steven Brill, who wrote the original trilogy of movies, is attached to the project, which is great news!

No word yet on if any of the original cast will be coming back to be part of the series, even for just a cameo or two, but I’m crossing my fingers we’ll get some Conway, Goldberg and Bombay action!! Now, this series is enough for me to pay into Disney+ but if you need a little more convincing, here are some other reasons you may want to pay up


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