Sam Hunt debuted a new song in Calgary last night!!

So why Calgary got this one night Bud Light house party show instead of us I’ll never know…but for the first time anywhere he played a brand new song last night called “Sinning with you” Scroll to about the 53:00 mark to hear it!! Or…you could just watch the full concert and pretend you were there last night?

What do we think about the first listen of his new tune?

I mean, that might be Sam’s most “traditional country” sounding song yet right?! He’s talked openly in the past year or so about his new album, how it’s almost finished and how we’ll hear it probably before we hit 2020. Before playing the show last night, he spoke with ET Canada about where he’s been and what’s coming for us next!

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the next chapter with Sam Hunt. His last 2 songs he released were massively different in how fans reacted to them. “Body Like A Back Road” was number 1 for 34 weeks on the “Hot Country” charts

Then he went away for over a year and came back with “Downtown’s Dead” which I really liked…but nobody else did apparently. It never really did much on the charts or on radio.


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