Luke Bryan Knockin' Boots Two Weeks #1 on ACC with Kix Brooks

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Two weeks #1 for Luke Bryan’s Knockin’ Boots on the Billboard Country Airplay chart followed by ACC.

Knockin' Boots Luke Bryan's 23rd career #1.

Knockin' Boots Luke Bryan's 23rd career #1.


Knockin’ Boots is Luke’s twenty first Billboard Country Airplay and twenty third career #1 song.

Jon Nite, Hillary Lindsey, and Gordie Sampson wrote Knockin’ Boots.

It’s the first single from Bryan’s upcoming seventh LP which is expected to drop before the end of 2019.

“Typically I’ve always had stuff that does have pop, kind of real poppy stuff, but then if you listen to my whole album, the whole work, there’s obviously very country things on there. I think this album is leaning toward that. I’ve got some stuff that I’ve looked at, that I’m going into the studio to record that sounds very vintage-like, but then I’ve got some stuff that has some new and different sounds on it. I think I always kind of have to marry the two.”

“I think it’s a fun time in music. Even with Knockin’ Boots, we were like, we didn’t really have a song picked. I went in and recorded a couple songs and we were like. We like it, it’s summertime, let’s put it out. I think the freedom of kind of put a song out when you want to is pretty nice.”

“From the moment I heard this song I knew I had to get in the studio and record it. I just couldn’t get it out of my head. This may be the fastest turn around I have ever done with a song.”

“I think is most intriguing part of Knockin’ Boots is just how catchy it is. I’ve had fans go, You know, I really don’t like that song but I can’t stop singing it. I look in the aisles and husbands and wives are out there twirling and dancing. It’s kind of a nice little fun dance song, too. It’s been really fun to have out this summer.”

Blanco Brown The Git Up 10 weeks #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

The 34-year-old Atlanta native previously produced songs for pop and hip-hop acts including Chris Brown, Fergie and Pitbull.

Brown’s smash is the first Hot Country Songs #1 to lead for at least 10 weeks since Luke Combs’ Beautiful Crazy spent 11 weeks on top beginning on March 2. The last long leader before Luke, pop artist Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line’s Meant to Be. It set the record for the most time atop the chart, running for 50 weeks starting on Dec 16 2017.

“I grabbed spoons, tambourine, anything I could find that made a nice sound. When I got finished, it was so full of joy. I was doing the dance as I was writing it. I said, This is going to be a song that makes people dance and brings joy.”

Brown produced The Git Up himself. The single is the first Hot Country Songs #1 written, produced and performed by a single person since the chart adopted its streaming, airplay and sales-based methodology seven years ago.

Blanco Brown announced Oct 11 will be the release date for his debut LP Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs.

“I waited my whole life for this very moment! 8 years later after creating a sound that complimented both sides of my world. I can finally say, my album is on the way!!!!”

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