[WATCH] Here's your first look at the "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" reboot!

A few weeks ago, I told you there was a reboot of the 90s classic coming! Sadly…at that point all we got was a little 16 second teaser


Today…perfectly timed for Friday the 13th, we got our first official trailer! What do you think?

From what I’ve read, the reboot will be done kid of Gilmore Girls style? Just a few longer new episodes, but I’m guessing that will change if the reboot gets big ratings!

“Premiering in October, the three hourlong episodes will introduce a new group of Midnight Society kids, who gather around the fire to tell the terrifying story of Carnival of Doom (Blindspotting star Rafael Casal plays the carnival’s ringmaster). Unfortunately, the events of the tale soon begin coming to life.”

My only wish is that they will keep the old creepy intro/music!

Since it is Friday the 13th, we were talking about your biggest fear this week in the Country Music Minute





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