2 #1 songs, his first top 20 and a CMA nomination...it's been quite the month for HARDY!

Let me take you back…waaaay back to Reynolds family road trips growing up. Every summer my Mom, Dad, brother and I would drive out to BC and listen to Jeff Foxworthy on the ride. We all LOVED the “you might be a redneck” bit

I always kind of though the word “redneck” was an insult, sort of a bad thing…but lately, it’s becoming a point of pride! That’s exactly what HARDY is trying to get across in his first every top 20 single “Rednecker”

But having his first ever top 20 this week wasn’t the only thing HARDY was celebrating!  You may have seen the celebration this week from CCMA co-host and country superstar Dallas Smith, who notched his 7th straight #1 with “drop”

As you can see in the post, one of the people who made that song happen is…HARDY! I talked to him this week about how that came to be and his friendship with Dallas

Don’t act like you wouldn’t LOVE seeing HARDY rocking this one at karaoke

ICYMI you can see HARDY in Calgary as part of the CCMA fun this weekend!

But along with the CCMA awards, being part of Dallas Smith’s latest #1 and the success of “REDNECKER” HARDY was also celebrating his first ever CMA nomination!!


You can hear my full interview with HARDY here!

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