Real-life 'Spider-Man' rappels 13 storeys to escape apartment fire

WATCH: A man climbed 13 stories down the outside of a Philadelphia apartment building as fire crews evacuated the building because of a fire.

A Philadelphia man scaled his 19-floor apartment building after a fire broke out, and the agile real-life “Spider-Man” managed to get himself to safety.

After residents of the unidentified man’s building were evacuated following the 9:30 p.m. report, firefighters embarked on a search-and-rescue mission to look for stragglers.

That’s when NBC Philadelphia’s helicopter pilot spotted the man making his move.

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Using balcony fencing and railings from each apartment (and probably sheer adrenaline), the man descended 13 storeys to reach solid ground.

Police officers on the scene assisted the seemingly uninjured man in climbing over scaffolding at the bottom of the building. He was seen hugging a few bystanders in the green space below, once on solid ground.

According to WTHR, the fire began in the highrise’s trash chute. ABC News reports that some residents remain unaccounted for as officials continue their search.

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