Two Weeks #1 Blake Shelton God's Country ACC with Kix Brooks

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Blake Shelton’s God’s Country is a two week #1 on American Country Countdown.

This is Blake’s 26th #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart followed by ACC.

“Who would have ever thought that almost 20 years into my career, I’d have my biggest hit yet?” “I really feel like God’s Country is that now. I was a little bit apprehensive about saying that maybe a month or two ago when it felt like it was taking off, but now it could be that. It’s unbelievable to me the power of a song.”

God’s Country is Blake’s 15th #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Blake didn’t want to record God’s Country or go back into the studio at all.

“But my producer Scott Hendricks called me one day and said I’ve got a few songs you need to listen to and God’s Country was the first one that he played. And man it stopped me in my tracks.”

Recently Blake said he would not record another LP anytime soon. But that all changed with the success of God’s Country.

“I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I have a couple of more songs I’m super excited about”

Blake is back in Nashville working with producer Hendricks recording his next album.

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Devin Dawson, Jordan Schmidt and Hardy wrote God’s Country.

“They were just looking for somebody to sing it, and there I was waving my hand in the corner.” “It’s pretty exciting for me. There’s not that many songs that hit me like that one hit me.”

“Those songs are almost impossible to find and to be written.” “Who knows the things that come together to make a song like that? When that happens, it’s so special.”

“As long as I’ve been making music I’m still shocked and amazed at the power of a song and I’m never prepared for it.” “God’s Country is an anthem for anybody and everybody who’s proud of where they come from. I’m honored to have been given this song from Devin Dawson, Hardy and Jordan Schmidt who are incredible writers.”

Blake Shelton just released an acoustic version of God’s Country.

What a week for Luke Combs. He was Inducted into the Grand Ole Opry Tuesday July 16.

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“If people remember anything about what I’ve done, and I think I tell it to the crowd a lot too, is that if I can do this, you can do anything.” “I am the proof that you can do anything that you set your mind to.”

“The hardest part has definitely been, you know, getting used to the fame part of it.” “I’m just not a really flashy-like guy.”

All Luke Combs wanted to do is write and sing songs. His Grand Ole Opry induction will allow him to do that for a long time.

“I’ll have the opportunity to continue to share my songs with people for the rest of my life.”

Luke also has the #1 LP on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.

This One’s For You has now spent 41 weeks at #1. The third longest in chart history dating back to 1964. Luke ties Garth Brooks No Fences LP which stayed #1 for 41 weeks in October 1990.

Just two LP’s have more time at #1. Shania Twain’s Come on Over, 50 weeks starting in November 1997. Randy Travis Always & Forever #1 for 43 weeks beginning in June 1987.

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Luke Combs LP This One's For You 41 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.

Luke Combs LP This One's For You 41 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.


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