Baby Sweeney #2 is Joining The Party in December!

I am happy to say we are expecting a baby in December! MANY of you have been guessing as of late ( seems these second babies are a little harder to hide haha) and you were right. 

A few questions answered right off the bat:

1.Will you be finding out what you’re having?

Nope! It’s one of the hardest things to do (especially with my NEED TO KNOW personality). We didn’t find out with our first, Kennedy, and it was such a surprise she was a girl haha. I have no motherly intuition when it comes to this ha. It’s fun to guess the whole 9 months.

2. So what do you think it is?

I’ll put it in writing – I think this one’s a boy. See why below.

3. Is this pregnancy different than your last?

Completely!! I have been SO sick! Not even puking has brought any relief ( sorry a little TMI there!) .  Basically imagine a hangover that has lasted 3 months. And crazy tired. However as I’m in the second trimester now – things are waaaaaay better. But that’s why I think its a boy – just because everything is so different. 

4. Do you have names picked out?

Nothing solid yet – but a few ideas. But we won’t be sharing them until the baby is born!

5. Will you be taking a 1 year mat leave?

Likely not. With my last pregnancy it worked out that my husband Bobby was able to share in the experience and take parental leave as I went back to work. I think we will do that again this time. So likely I will be off for 4-5 months. 


Now this is where things get a little serious and not so happy. And I’m being extremely vulnerable here. Everything you see in these pictures is perfect – of course they were created for Instagram. But it’s important to realize not everything is as picture perfect as it looks. 

Having a second baby has been quite the journey for us as we did have a miscarriage in February. I will spare you the details but it’s devastating. And it’s so taboo to talk about it. However people like Lauren Rodych-Eberle ( yes, former Oiler Jordan Eberle’s wife) and Carrie Underwood are slowly but surely pushing the taboo away. They are all in the “club”. As Lauren said – no one wants to be a part of this club. And there are many more women that we don’t know. 




I would confide in someone and they would say “Me too. It happened to me too”. It’s ok to be sad, we don’t just have to “move on from it”. We can grieve and we can grieve for however long it takes . And it’s also important to know that you DON’T have to talk about it if you don’t want to. But if you do – you are not alone. 1 in every 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage and 80% of those are in the first 3 months. Staggering stats that I didn’t know until I was there in the emergency room of the Grey Nuns explaining there was a heartbeat just the day before. It happens. It has happened to someone you know. 

So the next time you want to ask someone when they are having a baby – I ask you to just have a bit of grace. I understand it comes from such a good place; but you don’t know their story. Maybe they are trying so hard and it just isn’t happening. Maybe they simply don’t want kids. Or maybe they are pregnant but are so scared of another miscarriage they don’t want to say anything yet. 


In the meantime I am so happy to share this news with you all. I’m sure there will be some hilarious stories, trials and tribulations to come. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle two kids especially with Bobby away but hey – I am certainly not the first or the last to do it! Thank you for always being the best listeners and always being there for our families! You guys are truly like family to all of us! 


xox Jacks

Party Time!

Party Time!

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