Boy reportedly injured by razor blades on slide at Calgary playground

WATCH: It's supposed to be a place for kids to play and feel safe, but one parent is very shaken up after her little boy was cut by razor blades on a playground slide in Calgary's northeast. Lisa MacGregor reports.

Calgary mother Gillian Webster contacted police after her four-and-a-half-year-old son was reportedly injured by razor blades that were on a slide at a northeast playground on Monday at around 10:30 a.m.

Webster said the caregiver from her dayhome found the blades after noticing the boy had blood on his pants after he went down the slide at the playground off 60 Avenue and Centre Street.

“ James had gone down the slide and then had noticed blood and quickly realized that he was cut on his hand and then, upon further investigation, they discovered that there were razor blades stuck near the top of the slide, I believe. Then he also had a cut on his butt,” Webster said.

“When we were informed, we were very shocked that something like this could have happened at a park that we go to quite frequently… It was a pretty big shock and quite devastating to think that someone could do this.”

Webster said she also contacted Health Link and was grateful that her son had all of his shots.

“ was a little shaken up. I think he knew it was someone bad, a bad guy who had put the razor blades on the slide,” Webster said.

A photo of the razor blades taken by the caregiver.

A photo of the razor blades taken by the caregiver.

Courtesy: Gillian Webster

Police confirmed to Global News that the family reported the incident to them.

Officials said the boy’s caregiver removed the razor blades before police arrived at the scene.

The mother posted a picture on Facebook expressing her anger after the incident, showing her son’s bloody sweatpants after he was allegedly injured by the blades.

“This is the last thing you’d expect to have happen at a children’s park where they should be safe to play,” Webster said.

“It’s just horrible that maybe we have to start inspecting playground equipment more closely. I sincerely hope this never happens to anybody else. It’s a pretty sickening feeling.”

Police said there was no CCTV footage in the area so they couldn’t track down who may have put the razor blades on the slide.

Officers cautioned the public to be aware of this incident and said to safely discard anything like what injured the young boy.

Watch below: A Calgary couple is warning other parents after they say their son was cut by razorblades found wedged in a slide. Michael King reports.

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