[WATCH] Chris Young breaks down on stage performing new song "Drowning"

If you’re like me, you cry when you see other people cry! I have no idea why it happens…but it does, so watching Chris Young break down while performing his new single got me today….

Last week, I debuted my new tune “Drowning” at the @opry and broke down in the middle of it… since then so many people have shared stories of loved ones lost and how they have connected to this song. I want you guys to have this one, and make it your own, so I’m going to release it this Friday.

I cannot wait to hear this full song, but I know I’ll need a box of kleenex beside me. Chris was talking about the reason he got so emotional singing this song and told popculture.com that he wrote it about a close friend of his that passed away “When I sang it on the Opry, it’s about a friend of mine that passed away. I’ve never really written anything like that before. I’ve been fine every single time that I’ve sung it, until that night. I just came apart as I got to the second verse. I was like, ‘Oh man. I’m gonna cry.’ And I did. And so I turned around to reset, and then everybody stood up and started clapping. We just played the rest of the song out. But it’s an incredibly powerful song.”

You can hear the full version, with no crying, here

This isn’t the first (and certainly won’t be the last time) an artist breaks down in the middle of a song.



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