Sherwood Park School going viral for hilarious "Country Roads" graduation parody!

I WISH my teachers did something like this for my class when I graduated in 2005…but I don’t think YouTube was even around then. Thank you so much Sal Comp for tweeting this one to us and well done on this!!

“A tribute by the school staff of Salisbury Composite High School to the Grad Class of 2019.”

I have to just say…as soon as I saw this I brought a bunch of people from CISN in to watch it with me again…and we all said the same thing…that was SO well done. I can only imagine how much work went into all that, from shooting, to editing etc…and it is just an incredible piece of work!  Did your teachers do anything for you and your graduating class? If they did, tell me about it!! You can always text 103939 or tweet me @CISNGregg.  I wonder if the staff from Sal are all Blues fans?

We can’t listen to Country Roads without this though…can we?

I feel a bit silly…or behind the times because as I go through YouTube I see Sal does something like this…EVERY YEAR!!

Buuuut they’re not the only school to do videos like this! Remember this one from a few years ago?


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