There is $100K of Gold and Silver buried in our City and YOU need to go find it!!!

This is absolutely the coolest thing I’ve seen/heard about in a LONG TIME. There’s a company called Gold Hunt and they’ve decided it’s time for a real life treasure hunt! They chose 3 Canadian cities, us, Calgary and Vancouver and hid $100K worth of Gold and Silver for you to find.  You gotta wait till June 1st but before then make sure you get your map/clues and treasure hunting buddy!!!–DxWzCDGjMrm3KWkftuFF0Hd42Njraj03UNOECrjQ0jhItm7UKsjPdjAC65JCs2qUKN3s7dqWMubOA_SDbpq33GoizvdBFYK-mgczcNprTUpjlLZ4RrdFV6AgW5H2vAQEYCP23y9qXrfV9eNoHbcoXiNwzb8c0rxe7Fq&__tn__=-R


So you can find all your details/maps/clues by going to  You can get your treasure map for $25.00 or a map with clues for $45.00 and can get extra clues for $7.00/each.

Here are the answers to some questions you may have already, like “Can I find the treasure with JUST my map?”

“Your map will include a poem which contains a series of riddles and encrypted messaging that will make your job of finding the treasure more active and engaging. Your “map” includes everything you need to find the treasure, but the additional clues provide hints to help you solve the mystery faster. Your map is digital so you’ll be able to get access to it directly from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.”


Is there REALLY a treasure?

“Great question!! Yes, there absolutely is a treasure. Once discovered, the treasure comes with a bonus redemption certificate. In order to claim the certificate, you must provide proof of purchase for your map. This way, we know the treasure has been found and we can start a new hunt.”

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