Songs I like you need to check out!

One thing I hope you know about me by now is I love discovering and listening to a bunch of new music and artists. I decided that since I can’t share all of it with you during my show, I’d come here once a week to let you hear some of the artists and songs I’m currently obsessed with.  I would LOVE if you did the same with me. If you have a song/artists you think I need to hear, just tweet me @cisngregg or send me a message on Instagram (same user). Some of these songs may be a little older, but I just discovered them, so don’t feel bad if you’re like “Gregg I’ve been listening to this for months now”

Anyways, first up this week is a song my wife sent me, it’s Kassi Ashton “Pretty Shiny Things”

I’m also really starting to get into HARDY, have had these next 2 on repeat alllll week

Oh and I have been hooked on this next one for about a month now!

Anyways, that’s all for this week. I’ll have more for you next week and don’t forget to send me song suggestions!! Let’s help each other find some awesome music 🙂


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