[WATCH] Here's a preview of next weeks "Game of Thrones"

Okay so I will be the first to admit I was pretty underwhelmed by last nights return of Thrones. Buuuut I also know they are just setting us up with a bunch of happy/awkward reunions in this episode because there is a LOT of death coming.

Now this final season is only 6 episodes and some will be like “mini movies” they are so long. Since, they are movie-like, why wouldn’t we get teaser trailers for each new episode. Here’s what’s coming for us next week!!

The only problem is…you may have family over Sunday night for Easter dinner…buuut hopefully you have PVR if that’s the case! There were a few things in last nights episode you may want a little more explanation on, like what was with the fire symbol the White Walkers left behind?

The spiral pattern is significant because, as we see in Bran’s vision of the birth of the first White Walker in Season 6, it was presumably used for magical purposes by the creators of the White Walkers, the Children of the Forest.” you can do a full deep dive into the Buzzfeed article I read today about the symbol (and more you may have missed) by clicking here.

If you’re REALLY into the show, you probably already know there’s a “songs inspired by Game of Thrones” album coming out on the 26th. Maren Morris debuted her song for it “Kingdom of One” last week and it is HAUNTING! You can listen to it here. I actually got to talk to her this weekend about the song and the show!

We also got our first look at the new season of “Big Little Lies” during GOT last night! Did you see it? I somehow missed it, but here it is for us




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