[WATCH] Prankster gives package thief what he deserves with glitter fart bomb!!

The video EVERYONE is talking about today belongs to Mark Rober, who 7-months-ago noticed someone on his door camera stealing a package from his front step. Unfortunately thefts like this are on the rise, especially here in Edmonton. Sadly, even though he had a video, the cops couldn’t do anything to help him out…so he decided to take matters into his own hands.  As a former NASA engineer, he had some pretty devilish ideas and the skill to pull them off.  “If anyone was going to make a revenge bait package and over-engineer the crap out of it, it was going to be me,” It’s a real long video, if you want the good stuff, you can scroll to about the 8:00 mark!

As you saw in the video (unless you skipped it) the prakster even tied in one of the all time best Christmas movies…Home Alone!



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