[WATCH] This Armed Forces reunion video from Kane Brown will bring tears to your eyes

We’ve talked before on the show about things that you watch that will always make you tear up and I always get hundreds of texts from you saying for you it’s those reunion videos when Men and Women serving their countries return home.

Yep, that’s got me emotional already. I also got really emotional after watching Kane Brown’s video for one of his new songs “Homesick” The song is about him missing his now wife Katelyn Jae when he’s on the road, but really is for anyone who has to be away from their loved ones for an extended period of time. That’s why it’s a perfect song for those serving their country and their family members.

“I’m homesick
This feeling that I’m feeling
No, it don’t quit
It’s like half of me is missing
Heaven knows it that all I wanna do
Is be alone with your brown eyes all tangled up
Just holdin’ onto you tonight
Until the morning
Baby that’s the damn truth
If home is where the heart is
Then I’m homesick for you”

Homesick is on the new album from Kane called “Experiment” which is actually out at midnight tonight!

You’ll also find another love song about his wife on the album called “Good As You” and the video for it is a look at their gorgeous wedding day! Check it out here 

I can’t wait to see him this Summer at BVJ!!


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