There is a "Mr Dressup" movie being made!

I was SO hoping this would happen because about a month ago my wife and I watched the “Won’t you be my neighbour” documentary about Mr. Rogers

In it, you learn that he and Mr. Dressup worked together on a different show before they both starred in their own.  You also learn that Mr. Dressup invited Mr. Rogers to be part of his show up in Canada and he was about to do it, but then got a shot at his own from a small TV station in the States.  Now it looks like we’ll get we’ll get a similar feature on the show most of us grew up watching
“I’m looking for it to be a celebration of his show, of what he meant to several decades of people. I think that will allow for people watching it to really enjoy it.” says filmmaker Keith Hoffart

“There’s a lot of people that grew up with Mr. Dressup that still don’t know a lot about the show and a lot about him personally,” Hoffart went on to say.  There’s only one problem, he needs funding to make this dream come true. He’s already conducted numerous interviews with family and close friends of Mr. Dressup, but launched a kickstarter campaign a couple weeks ago to help make this film a reality.  If you want, you can go here to see it/donate. If not, lets just hope someone steps up and funds this project because I’d watch it in a heartbeat!

“For all the fans both young and old – It is time to tell the Story of Mr. Dressup. The funding via kickstarter from Canadians will help pay to finish the documentary. The funding will go to original footage rights by CBC for playing Mr. Dressup Show, travelling expenses for interviews, video equipment rentals, post production costs and social media marketing. Various rewards will be given to funders.”


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