American Airlines flight diverted to Calgary after medical emergency, mechanical issue

Passengers from an American Airlines flight that was diverted to Calgary due to a medical emergency resumed their flight to China Friday. Global News Morning's Doug Vaessen has the details.

An American Airlines flight was diverted to Calgary on Thursday after a passenger fell ill on board.

According to an airline spokesperson, flight AA263 was expected the flight would be “landing heavy” as it was carrying enough fuel to make it to China.

The plane, which took off from Dallas, also had a mechanical issue with one of the flaps, which are meant to reduce speed on landing.

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The flight was originally diverted to Edmonton, but because of landing concerns, the flight path was changed a second time to land in Calgary as YYC Calgary International Airport has a longer runway.

Three fire trucks and one ambulance were seen awaiting the plane at 4:45 p.m.

American Airlines said the passengers were put up in hotels in Calgary.

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A new Boeing 787 was flown to Calgary overnight so that the passengers could continue their journey to China.

The flight departed Calgary at around 7 a.m. Friday.

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