What was the most popular candy the year you were born? Find out here!

I’m sure you’ve had this moment over the last couple weeks just like I have…you’re walking through the grocery store and see those big boxes of candy that are supposed to be for the kids on Halloween…but you buy one for yourself to eat right now. Don’t be ashamed, we all do it! Do you remember unloading your candy bag after trick-or-treating though? What would you get MOST excited to eat first? What was your fav candy to see in that bag? I wonder if it was the most popular candy from the year you were born? I’ll tell you right now the list I found kinda bummed me out because they don’t have EVERY year, but I’ll start with the 2 closest to my birth year (1987)

1986 – Airheads!! I used to love these things, my brother and I would always get every flavour/colour when we hit the corner store across from our Elementary School

1988 – Nerds!! These things were so addicting and I don’t know about your school, but the kid with the fresh Nerds pack was the most popular kid in my elementary.  I loved the 2 flavour box, where you could eat one flavour per side or combine them by opening both sides for a flavour bomb in your mouth.

Lets jump around a little now, the most popular candy in 1976 was…POPROCKS!! I think we all loved the volcanic explosion of hammering some poprocks and then swigging some pop…it was intense right?

1969 is my absolute fav candy of all time…Reese Peanut Butter Cups

1967 is an absolute candy staple for any candy party…Starburst!

1980 the most popular candy was Skittles!

And in 1993 it’s a candy I’ll never forget trying for the first time. Warheads — my brother picked the most intense one he could find and didn’t tell me what it was…I had tears streaming down my face and I had never had something so intense in candy form before.

You can find the full list here.  If you want to know what candy actually came out the year you were born, click here.



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