Big Brother Bumps Bledsoe

Kolter: What was it like being singled out for an eviction vote? Would it have been easier if you and another person were equally targeted?

Sam Bledsoe: Yes. JC and I were equal but he is still yet to prove that he is the physical competitor that we have all sort of figured he was based on his body building and healthy habits. But, in a sense the last competition in the veto JC had a respectable time and I did not finish so I think that proved that I was the weakest competitor.

Do you think you’ve been too trusting this season or do you genuinely want to see the best in people, even to your detriment?

I genuinely want to see the best in people but it is not to my detriment. What people hold valuable is relative to the individual.

Is there a single action of yours you wish you could undo: perhaps an isolated incident or something that triggered a series of events?

I wish that I had never put on Rockstar’s high heeled shoes and busted my ass on the stairs.

What has the pressure been like the last few weeks: greater or less than earlier in the season?

The pressure was less. For me, I was determined to prove myself early on because I had very low expectations. The further I went along I lost my competitive edge.

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