[WATCH] The first ever "singing dog" was on AGT last night

My fav Summer show was back with a new episode last night and there was one more “golden buzzer” to give out before the next round! Before we get to the golden buzzer, I’ll show you something you’ve never seen before on this show…a singing dog!

There’s the full audition for ya…and now I can be honest…I didn’t like it! I know dogs are cute and it was I guess a little impressive the dog was apparently “on key” (I have no musical talent so I have no idea) but was that really enjoyable to listen to? It made for good TV and I guess you can’t say no to a cute dog, so they’re through to the next round. Here are a few of the auditions I absolutely loved from last night!

How talented is that kid! Forget song choice, he’s going to be a star. Hearing him sing gave me chills, but so did this massive choir group

It wasn’t all just singing last night (although sometimes it seems like this show is becoming more of a singing competition than a talent competition) check out the trust between this father-daughter duo!

And last but not least…here’s your “golden buzzer moment” from last night


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