[WATCH] Brawl Breaks Out Between Parents at a 12 & Under Softball Game :(

We’ve all seen it before…the parents that take their kid’s game a little too seriously.

Well this is next level…a brawl broke out between parents at a 12 & Under, that’s right…twelve years old and under, softball tournament in Tennessee. Apparently the whole thing started with an argument about an Umpire’s call…and the result is the viral video below.

According the the NY Post, both teams have been barred from future competitions…and while local Police responded to the incident, no one was arrested…and thankfully, no one was hurt.

While this video ends up with what appears to be a bunch of hillbillies rolling around in the grass, let it serve as a reminder.  Sport is supposed to be fun.  It’s supposed to be about teamwork and sportsmanship.  The upset kids in the video say it all.

I’m not lucky enough to be a Father, but I’ll remember this video along with the poor displays from parents I’ve seen with my own eyes over the years.  If you can’t behave.  If you can’t cheer on and support your kids in an appropriate way.  If you can’t attend a game without yelling at officials or coaches or heaven forbid players….then don’t go.  Period.

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