Music Video- Luke Combs 'Must've Never Met You'

Not too long ago we had Luke Combs on the CISN Country 103.9 Sound Stage, and man were we blown away. We already knew he was amazing but in person it was next level.

For anyone that has ever been through a breakup where you really miss the person after the fact, this song will hit you right in the feelings. In fact, ‘hit’ is a rather light term. I would almost say blow up your feelings.
The chorus is what really hit me…

I guess whoever said the grass is greener
must have never seen the other side
What don’t kill you makes you stronger
sure sounds like a lie

And whoever said that time heals everything
and everything will be alright?
Whoever said it ain’t the end of the world
you can find somebody new
Must’ve never met you

See more: Photos of Luke Combs performing at the Ranch Roadhouse

On June 1st he released this video for his song ‘Must’ve Never Met You’ and it’s for sure a must see.

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