[WATCH] Alone at His Piano, Keith Urban Strips Down "Parallel Line"

So we know Keith Urban can make a guitar scream like nobody else on Earth.  The man is a superstar on stage, playing to sold-out arenas night after night after night.

But…sometimes Keith shines even brighter when things dialed down, when things are simple.

It’s been on repeat in my car and on my phone ever since I picked up Keith’s latest album Graffiti U – “Parallel Line” – but Urban’s performance of the song sitting alone at his piano takes it to another level.

I always hated that my Dad made me take Piano lessons growing up. Now I wish I had practiced more!

Keith recently played the song plugged in, but still stripped down, and sang it directly to his wife at a showcase in Nashville!

Keith Urban Sings “Parallel Line” to Nicole Kidman on Stage in Nashville

And we’ll get to see him play it right here in CISN Country in just a few short months! Bring the piano, bud!

Click here for a chance to win tickets!


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