[WATCH] Here's your first look at Benedict Cumberbatch as "The Grinch"

How did I not even know this was a thing!? I feel like I’ve been blindsided by fantastic news today…usually I’m pretty on top of things like this but I honestly had 0 clue they were making a new Grinch movie with Benedict staring

So so so excited, but now this will add a THIRD Grinch for us to debate over.

As much as I LOVE the original, the Jim Carrey one is totally my fav.  Maybe Benedict’s version can take over top spot when it comes out in November? If you’re a big Cumberbatch fan, you’ll also love him trying to say the word penguin! Scroll to about 3:30

Where does the new “Grinch” movie rank on your list of movies you can’t wait to see? Is it above or below the “Incredibles 2”

What about “Christopher Robin”


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