There's a Sopranos prequel movie coming!!

I still have no idea what this final scene is supposed to mean and I’ve done a bunch of reading online. I binged this show about 3 years ago and absolutely loved it. I know I know I was WAY behind, but we didn’t have HBO growing up so it took me a while to finally watch it. Anyways, when people talk about the best TV show of all time, The Sopranos is always at least top 5, if not #1. I was pretty pumped this morning scrolling through my Facebook feed to see the headline “The Sopranos creator is making a prequel movie set in the ’60s”

Here’s the gist of the article. Series creator David Chase wrote a screenplay with Lawrence Konner and it has been picked up by New Line Cinema. The movie will be based around the Newark riots on the 1960s and there will be characters from the show returning for the movie (lots of speculation around Tony’s Dad “Johnny Boy” his mom Livia and Uncle Junior).

As deadline first reported, the movie will be based in Newark in the 1960s because “That was a time when the African-Americans and the Italians of Newark were at each other’s throats, and amongst the gangsters of each group, those conflicts became especially lethal,” The working title right now is “The Many Saints of Newark”

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