The inspiring comeback story of Olympic medalist Mark McMorris

This weekend was full of Canadian success at the Olympics, 2 gold medals, 4 silver and 1 bronze. With every medal, with every participant, there is a unique story. The one I want to share with you is the comeback story of Bronze medal winner Mark McMorris.  Less than a year ago he was in hospital fighting for his life after a terrifying snowboarding injury. As he was on the hill with his brother, he was in mid air after a jump and his entire left side hit a tree.  He had 17 broken bones, a ruptured spleen and a collapsed lung. Thanks to quick thinking, satellite phones and a helicopter Mark lived to tell the tale.  What’s even more inspiring is the fact that he got right back on his board and won one of Canada’s first 2 medals this year.

Hearing McMorris describe not only the crash, but the hours and days after it, you realize just how close he was to never leaving that hospital bed…let alone ever being back on a snowboard.

“When I was laying there I was pretty sure I was going to die because I had so many broken bones and I could tell I had a lot wrong inside” he says in an interview with CNN “it was a really scary time”



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