The one thing that has changed my life outlook completely....

If you’ve watched my Insta-stories ( @jacks1313) on Instagram or even chatted with me in the last few months – chances are I have talked about my journey to becoming more present.

It’s something we all battle every single day. How are we supposed to live right in the moment, be fully aware and take it all in when we have about 6000 other responsibilities in the back of our heads?

It’s a challenge to say the least……

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How will you become more present?

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But there is something that I have been doing since Jan 1, 2018 as part of my new years resolution and I have truly noticed a positive change in my life from doing so. And the best part – it takes 2 minutes –or less!

Every single day (usually in the mornings) I figure out 5 things that I am thankful for.


It sounds corny but I swear to you – when you start thinking about the things in your life – there is SO much to be thankful for and it totally changes your perspective.

The best part – don’t over think it. For example – here are my 5 things I’m thankful for this morning:


  • I have the spare change to buy a Roll Up The Rim coffee!
  • I woke up to my alarm ( I always sleep in)
  • Kennedy woke up so happy this morning
  • I got to drop Kennedy off at her dayhome to someone that truly loves her (almost) as much as me
  • My husband Bobby is home this week from work


See? Simple things. It may seem hard at first but just look for the little stuff – like waking up to your alarm on time hahaha.

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How do you express Gratitude?

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Eventually you start to see the good in every day and realize – we’re all pretty darn lucky!

Happy Weekend!! And THANK YOU for being such an amazing CISN Listener!

: ) Jack


ps- This is my new favorite book!


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